Warframe is a  video game developed by Digital Extremes for Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation.

It is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game in which the player character is visible on-screen, in a third-person view and the game is structured around shooting. The player may engage in player versus environment (PvE) content or player versus player (PvP) content through missions and “Conclave” respectively. In this game, players get to control the members of a race of ancient warriors known as Tenno. They have been awakening from centuries of sleep.  The war is begun with the race of deteriorated human clones with advanced robotics and laser technology; Those infected with Technocyte virus, and then the Sentients, an alien force of mechanical beings returning from the Tau system after being driven back centuries ago. Available missions are scattered across the planets and moons of the solar system.

The Warframes possess activatable powers such as regenerative shields, enhanced mobility, and a spectrum of supernatural abilities. Each Warframe features four unique and extraordinary abilities. Warframe also has passive abilities or powers which activate on their own. These powers allow a Tenno to capable or virtually anything! While some Warframes excel in a particular condition, none is limited to a single role.

Warframes are obtained through various in-game activities, like mission rewards. They can be crafted with in-game materials or purchased fully assembled from the Market. New armor, equipment, and blueprints  can be purchased online, using either Credit earned in-game, or Platinum, a premium currency that can be purchased via micro transaction or traded for in-game. Users can possess all Warframes in their inventory but may only use one at a time. Warframes new  updates are developed and released every 3–5 months.

The powers and abilities of each Warframe are changed from time to time by the developers depending on the usage and feedback from the users. Upgraded variants of Warframes are periodically released by the developers. These variants are known as primes, and they have increased statistics and have gold accents on their armor. Up to date, there are 34 base Warframes and 19 primes.

Saryn Prime is one of the prominent characters in Warframe. unleashing disease and plague with contagious spores, deadly viruses and toxins, and caustic vapors that rapidly decompose enemies while invigorating their progenitor. Her biological weapons result in volatile mutations, rapidly increasing the potency of her powers. Saryn Prime is the Primed variant of Saryn, with higher armor, speed, and energy capacity.  It has released on February 16th.  2016 Saryn Prime,  along with Volt Prime, possesses the highest energy pool of all Warframes in the game. Or go here –

The situation of Warframe here is a bit like a simulation combat game. The gameplay is really complex and requires a lot of knowledge.

checkout this video –

Now, Warframe gameplay :

  • Movement and aim are best
  • jump/ 2x jump
  • crouch / slide
  • sprint
  • multiple moves when combining the movement
  • switch independently from your character
  • The weapon with a complex combo system, guard, and channeling
  • 4x power depending on your character
  • Allow you to modify/upgrade all your weapons
  • switch within a game with various powers.
  • a gear wheel
  • a bleed out mechanic

Warframe have a much more complex gameplay and it doesn’t make it more enjoyable to play than overwatch, it’s the total opposite.

Why? Because the simplicity of Overwatch gameplay make it easy for all to watch and enjoy while still having a high skill cap.  more detail –



The Warframe game is among one of the most-played games available on Steam.  Digital Extremes attributes the success the game has achieved.  To the frequent updates, they are developing for the game.  The devolopers says the game as a “Big success” since arame is able to secure and sustain a large number of players without gaining significant attention from other players. More than 25 million players have played the game after it was first launched in 2012.